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see yellow tape because this area has been cautioned off. they closed on the street because they've been busy at work. look in the distance, you could see the dividers that are set up here, they say this hill is still moving. >> last week there was rain that trained in all the back yards. he is talking about the water that flooded into his your yard after the hill began sliding. already his has been yellow tagged. no one is allowed inside at night. he said he's not going anywhere and said his place will be fine. >> my dad said it's safe to say. he is a retired professional. engineers say the hell is still on the move in the morning those who live here. >> of the moving of soon and my parents will be here. this is their dream home, they spend so much money fixing this house that, for
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them to leave at some point would be messed up. the love this house. >>j.r. stone: have been short-term fixes to the home the past, with the recent sliding it appears there is still a big problem. concern is now growing on what can and will be done. >> is something that can be done but not doing it. as to what it is i don't know. >>j.r. stone: your looking at property at one time this was a house, because of some of the past problems it is no longer. city officials say back in 1999 there was a long term plantronics, however they say beach away chose the short-term plan for much cheaper than a million dollars it would cost to fix this. i talked with the homeowners president and she hung up on the phone saying she didn't want to talk about it. reporting live in hercules, kron 4 news. >>pam: we take you to know which is just a few miles down the road. here you will be able to see where building inspectors are checking out a sliding
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hillside and tunnel which is also surrounded by homes. kron 4 good of your e-mail alerting people to the problem. it was are questions that the authorities to take notice. engineers say, the homes or on the slighter not in immediate danger but they will continue to monitor the soil stability. kron 4 has a closer look at what has neighbors concerned. >>maureen: and on the backpack of the home, the homeowner said it shot cover property just below this portrait of away at the end of february. she said under meet this target used to be a sloping hillside is now lumpy and cracked and spots. it the city engineers said the slide is an affecting their homes, but the homeowners said the soil is drenched year after all the rain which is why they put the tar out, it's also why they're running this type to divert water to a drainage ditch. the neighbors below say they're worried because
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this mound of earth to see right here continues to creep closer to the fence line. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>kate: the concern about the landslide here in san paulo is spreading. the landslide, you can see the worst of it in his backyard is really affecting more properties. a lot of the neighbors here concerned about their homes. the sell side is obviously crumbling behind several homes but will the situation get worse? if i bend down i can show you just how wide to an easy it is for this to pick away. he can see how saturated the land as terry had neighbors are really concerned about what this will do for them in their houses. >> it's a neighborhood problem because one property value sinks, our houses will
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be next. as the first concern is how will they shore up the hill. if they can't figure that out, then you can save the properties. you could put a band-aid on it and say okay will carpet or reinforce its with rocks or what have you. if they don't actually solve the problem then it's going to happen again. >>kate: one of the things, some of the neighbors noticed is there are several crops that are running down the street. they have actually spray- painted those cracks to see if they expand. they're wondering if this entire hillside is going to go. right now the neighbors are getting ready to call me just down the street from here. to try to get a plan together and figure out what the situation is, what they want to ask the city. if the city plans to have a meeting with many of the concerned homeowners here tomorrow.
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reporting live in san paulo, kron 4 news. >>pam: slide removal is a top priority in the oakland hills of the city's public works department. kron 4 was on the scene when crews cleared one road that was hit hard by the slides during the rain. >>haazig: the clean up after last week's big storm continues and the oakland hills where the city's public works department is cleaning up mudslides here along skyline boulevard. take a look at how the loader is scooping up the dark soil you see here that still moist as a result of the heavy rain. an oakland public works spokesman tommy days after the intense storm, the soil remains saturated in parts of the oakland hills. adding that the remains soil are down 17 more trees. in addition, the public for crews will also clear of areas along skyline like this where the rains brought down stones into the roadway. it has heard of those as well a cyclist. if
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the new tunnels kron 4 news. if >>pam: in hillsboro construction crews are working round-the-clock to stabilize the portion of what if ridge road. many officials say the hillside was so saturated because of rose to sing, 6 ft.. the scare in san francisco civic center today the bomb squad that makes us suspicious package. the bag was detonated about 1:45 p.m. and streets in the area were closed for several hours. police say a man entered the building of this morning, dropped off a backpack and then announced it was a bomb before leaving. the suspect 45 year-old garfield smith is known police custody. he's being booked for a false report of a bomb, and terrorist threats. >>jacqueline: been a nice day, temperatures have been pretty mild but we will see a warmup in the next couple days. dropping into the
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'50s along the coastline and in san francisco. tonight into tomorrow, sunny skies out there right now, we will see a little bit of high cloud coverage cushion over night. as well as patchy fog in the north bay. temperatures will stay in the low 50s overnight. tomorrow, temperatures warming up to the 15 degrees over what was sought today. we'll talk about the warm-up and how long it will last coming up. >>pam: tonight at 5:10 p.m., slugger jason takes the stand in the barry bonds perjury trial. at 515 p on a leash laws tightening the leash on pad and pet owners and san jose. check out the thunderbolt coming up. hey marcel, watch this!
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explosive testimony in the barry bonds perjury trial as
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a former oakland a's star tells the jury that the steroids utah or given to him by bonds his trainer. theresa has more on his testimony. professional basketball player jason entering the courthouse testified understand how we met greg anderson, bond's personal trainer. how he began sending packages the performance enhancing drugs. about how he would receive packages at home with white pills, yellow pills and piles of grain. he said anderson told a news of all any provide a calendar with specific. jackson also said anderson told them it views them accordingly if that they would not show it on a drug test. the chair may come adjacent brother and now the warmer, be player also talked at length about his relationship with anderson and highly paid thousands of dollars received for towards enhancing drugs. also on the stand withstand the former giants baseball trainer. he talked about how bonds
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started having acne and more lean muscle. tucson's of steroid use. he also mentioned how we didn't want anderson in the clubhouse and thought he was inadequate as a trainer. but when he went to giants management he didn't receive the backing to keep anderson out. the trial resumes on monday with more former baseball players expected to testify. stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the bonds perjury trial, coming up at 5:25 p.m. we will hear from legal analyst michael cardozo about what today's testimony means of what's ahead later this week. we'll be right back.
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>>now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. japan's prime minister said his country must remain on maximum alert. hi the radioactive water has been discovered in the trenches connecting the crippled reactors. the levels are up to 100,000 times normal. a makeshift dam of sandbags in chunks of concrete is trying
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to keep the water from seeping into the ocean. the water to a level keeps rising as the repair crews sprayed the reactors to keep them from melting down. the u.s. military is watching down aircraft as they returned to the air base in western tokyo. the spokesman said the precaution is to reassure personnel and not because of the imminent help the search. today, nissan said it will not be able to restart its japanese assembly line for a least a couple of weeks. if honda announced today, it is cutting production at its u.s. plants because of the shortage of components from japan. tokyo trotted some american dealers that some parts cannot be delivered. a toyota said some of its parts cannot be reordered. >>catherine: rubbles and libya are getting hammered, even with help from the native coalition they are losing ground again in the fight against khaddafi. these are scenes of the rebels near tripoli today. they might not able to
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oppose the libyan leader on less international air strikes go even further in taking out the forces. secretary of state hillary clinton is in london, world leaders are there and trying to decide how best help the rebels and protect civilians. if clinton suggested air strikes will continue as long as khaddafi is in power. she did stop short recommending in giving arms directly to the rebels. 45 people killed in iraq today, they took over government buildings a suicide car bombing also reported. authorities say the attack looks like the work of all tied up. among the dead, local council members, a police official and a journalist. defense lawyers want george clooney and his italian girlfriend to be witnesses at his upcoming trial. that's apparently because the couple came to one of the prime minister's party. he's accused of having paid for sex with an underage girl. the teenager was only 17 at
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the time, there she is. no comment yet from clooney. carter said today he is nodding to but to bring the man all, he is that there on a mission to try and improve relations between the u.s. and cuba. at the contractor was recently sent to 15 years for crimes against eight security. >>jacqueline: a live look inside from our roof cam over downtown san francisco. were starting to see if you high clouds streaming to the north bay. were starting to see also warmer and drier air build an offshore. this will drive clouds well to the north. were still sing high clouds mixing into the bay area with rain sitting well to the north. good news of your planning at on heading to the game, a few high clouds and a little
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crazy. the game starts at 7:05 p.m., against the san francisco giants and the oakland a's. 60 degrees at game time, 54 by the time the game wrapped up. another game tomorrow in san francisco at at&t park or the a's are going to switch locations. the giants will be the home team in the a's will be the away team. gorgeous day perfect for baseball, a few high clouds and breezy conditions in the later afternoon. 66 degrees a game time, 72 by the time the game wraps up. warmer weather tomorrow. five to 15 degrees warmer than what we saw today. it 83 in santa rosa tomorrow, 79 in napa, 80 in concord, on the clothesline we will cling to the '60s. 67 half moon bay, '70s bay shores, upper '70's in the south bay and inland valleys. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay,
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we will finally enjoy some nice try warm weather over the next few days. a peek warming on thursday. high clouds in the forecast through friday. in the weekend, slightly cooler conditions as the storm gets closer to the north bay. a 20 percent chance of rain touching down. we will keep you posted on that, plan for a cooler weekend. >>pam: until now virginia commonwealth was a long shot in the n.c.a.a. tournament. kimberly tells us why sports cookies are sweating it out now that the team is in the final four. >>kimberlee: they were supposed to make this year. they have the see you what 999921. these people made earlier on could be costly this court to bookies. as you see the hilton in las vegas wedding it out in odds of 5000 to one. somebody made a $10 back, nbc would win the tournament and if
5:21 pm
that happens delta would have to pay out $50,000 to that person. check out this other but i found on line, right now be see you still long shot with odds 400 to one to win it all. according to the odds the sea was one of the biggest underdogs ever. if you'd like to check out some of these n.c.a.a. bets online visit >>pam:>>pam: we want to tell you baseball is back in the bay area, the giants will spend a full season being held as the world series champions and the a's will have to build upon last season. this weekend we will help you get ready. kron 4 is re-airing our baseball by the bay special, and gary will have a preview of the giants and the a's with player interviews, a look at spring training and more. that's this sunday at 10:00 p.m. right here on kron 4. we'll be right back. [ jerry ] look at this!
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>>pam: colorado rockies' first baseman took the stand today in the barry bonds perjury trial. our legal analyst is here with a look at what happened in court today. jason formally with the oakland a's, he talked
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mainly about his relationship with greg anderson. >> that ties right back to barry bonds, he said greg anderson his trainer gave him the pills and the cream, he said it was undetectable steroids, the operable word it being steroids. if what the government will argue later is if she on be noted all the other ball players know it, if they know and what would make you think that barry bonds didn't know that? that's what the government's argument will be. >>pam: even though bonds is already acknowledged he took steroids? >> he would think that he did not knowledge it. as a trial attorney, when you what a good trial you want to do one of two things, focus on the issues of one of the issues is should be for them that bonds did take the pills in the cream but he did know there were steroids, secondly they
5:26 pm
should pound the jury that if you believe he lied to, it was of material to this case so you can't find him guilty. to what that tells me? barry bonds is running this trial train. he's telling his attorneys don't admit anything. five it all. as a trial attorney i really recoiled to that, he should be a politician's they cost onto messages. he took the cream to know they were buying >>pam: to these witnesses have an impact on the jury that some of the other witnesses don't? >> he looked back a lot to at all the people that have been tried. look at o.j. simpson, michael jackson big power people very famous. juries have a hard time convicting them that's one of the things the government will have to get over. they're going to have to get over this is barry bonds,
5:27 pm
find him guilty. a lot of well-known people, have a better chance of getting a not guilty verdict than anybody else. >>pam: stand also testified today, he was the former giants trainer. >> he did, that's why i said to stay on message to the jury. he came in and said it i noticed that there was acne on his back, i notice how big he was. that's why means stay on message, just admit straight out to the jury quit fighting the hat size, the acne that people are lying whether he took a nap. the issue did he know steroids? that is the message. tomorrow more evidence and more ballplayers. the one that's going to be interesting is bobby, when he comes and i believe he's going to testify. barry bonds told me that he was taking steroids.
5:28 pm
that that's going to hurt onslaught. >>pam: thinking michael, stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage of the bonds perjury trial. we will stick with this story throughout the trial and you can get the latest any time, but logging on to we'll be right back.
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